Lenovo Selling Bloated Laptops

Giant PC manufacturer Lenovo, has been caught selling laptops with “crapware” which were intended as a tall to track user into action.

This crapware cannot be deleted and got rid off forever. If you do try to wipe it, deleted, or have windows reinstalled from scratch, the laptops then we’ll will discreetly reinstall the software on the next boot up.

This is obviously a very concerning point to note and something that we definitely need to look out for if considering the purchase of a Lenovo laptop.

Amazons unrelenting workplace environment.

“Forget your poor habits” Amazon.com employees are told this as they walk through the doors to start work.

Where workers are typically encouraged to praise and work with to improve ideas of their colleagues, in Amazon workers are actually encouraged to tear apart ideas of their peers.

Working in almost competitive conditions where the word team has no meaning, this makes for a very demotivating and demoralising working environment.

The internal telephone directory at Amazon actually go so far as to encourage and push employs to send secret feedback to the line managers of each other. This is essentially, in its raw form, grassing up.

This environment creates huge tension between employees, the bosses really need to re-align their priorities because within a company you do not divide and conquer. In the company you encourage teamwork you encourage your employees to work with each other and to create an approachable atmosphere for everyone. It’s successful workplace is always a happy workplace.

Amazon seems to be pushing its employees to see how far they can push literally tugging at boundaries of what is unacceptable and what is acceptable.

For a company that is huge, and literally giants in what they do, Amazon seems to have fallen behind on the basic human principle, treat others how you want to be treated yourself.

One worker in Amazon actually said that he saw grown men covering their face as they left meeting rooms and nearly every person that he worked with he saw crying at the desk. If this is not a sign of a miserable working environment, I really don’t know what is.

In one of their recent recruiting videos, a young woman who works for Amazon.com actually says you either fit in here or you don’t. You love it or you don’t. There is no middle ground.

Amazon need to learn from Google. It is people that build companies not the other way round while they are giants, Amazon certainly have a very basic lesson to learn in life which is, how to treat your fellow human being.

Samsung TV Ads Out Of Hand‏

In this day and age of technology, we always expect to see adverts wherever we go, whatever we do. Whether it is on the Internet while we serve or check our emails, or if it’s on the road as we drive past the Billboard, adverts have become a part of our everyday life.

When watching a movie online, or a movie that playing on a TV channel, be it satellite, cable, or just your normal TV, we expect adverts because we are watching TV which is free and the network needs to make the money somehow.

How would you feel if you are watching a movie that you owned, that you had already paid for, and an advert showed up during that movie?

Some Samsung smart TV owners have reported seeing advertising on movies which they have been watching and that are owned by them ie not take movie which was on TV or being streamed online.

The main ad that seemed to be reported was a Pepsi ad, while it was a silent advertisement, it was an advert nonetheless.

There is a solution to this problem according to Plex forums, which is to click disagree with the Yahoo privacy notice, and opt out of that feature all together. This is done deep inside the options of the Samsung smart hub.

Given this explanation, it is obvious that Yahoo have formed an alliance with Samsung to show these ads in the Private content of the user.

Soon after this news went viral and the whole of the Internet knew about it, Samsung Australia released a statement saying that the ad was the result of an error that occurred as part of recent software update which was not intended for the Australian market.

My opinion on the matter is that they were testing this adds to the gauge the reaction of the users the ads were showing to and, obviously, the result would have been as most people would expect: Poor user experience.

YouTube Streams HTML 5 Video By Default.

Started in early this year, January, YouTube has defaulted to using HTML 5 video on all modern browsers such as Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, Safari and the beta versions of Mozilla Firefox.

Back in 2010 when YouTube initially introduced the HTML 5 stream, it was very experimental and the technology was just not developed enough to carry this transition around smoothly. Over the years HTML 5 standard has matured a fair bit.

Support for this feature means that YouTube is now able to serve a single video player across a wide range of platforms.

Combined with common encryption YouTube but able to support multiple content protection technologies on various different platforms with a single set of assets. This makes YouTube faster and smoother, and sets its position as the number one video streaming website in the world.

YouTube users can now also make wider use of googles VP nine video codec, by switching to head to mow five. YouTube says this which is bound to love video content to start 15% to 80% faster than any other technology and it reduces the bandwidth which is needed to be able to stream the video content by a massive 35%.

For modern Internet speeds these numbers are not as powerful as they may have been when the Internet speeds were a lot lower.

As technology advances, we take for granted how smoother, quicker, and extremely high quality content can be.

Since Google own YouTube, we can expect Constant evolving technology which will always be ahead of time and give us what we need before we even ask for it. This is what make Google the leader in all things tech.

If you would like more information on any of the topics that we have covered recently, then please feel free to contact me directly.

Samsung Smart Fridge Can Expose Your Gmail Password

As technology continues to evolve and continues to refine itself we, as consumers, take more and more things for granted in our daily lives.

We have seen many times over the past several decades where companies have gone for and beyond with regards to being “smart” in every aspect of the word.

If someone was to say to you, 20 years ago, that your Internet TV would allow you to browse the web, as well as stream movies which you can buy online rather than going to blockbusters video to rent physical video cassette, You would think they were crazy!

We now even have small refrigerators. But are they really smart? Samsung has released a shiny brand-new refrigerator which, as it happens, connect to the Internet.

You’re smart refrigerator connect to the Internet and sinks with your Google diary Gmail diary, and it tells you information about what you need to buy what he has, and it is a very advanced feature. Especially for a refrigerator.

The new refrigerator from Samsung is actually print to a hack attack. Hackers during a challenge at a event known as def gone, discovered that the refrigerator actually failed to validate SSL certificates.

Display fridge rater and it security system is left wide open and a very clear invitation to a hacker attack.

Once the hacker is inside the framework of the refrigerator, it would be very easy for them to be able to get hold of the Gmail username and password associated with the refrigerator.

Samsung actually found the vulnerability and the positive was to work hard to prevent the hacks happening in real life. This is a very good key indicator as to why these events are so important and work is a test to prevent future malicious guests.

This goes to show that well technology evolves around us and our day to day appliances that we take for granted become smarter and smarter, we, as human beings need to keep a close eye on security. Some of the biggest things in our life associated with our email address such as mortgages I will bank details and any other financial information can be obtained using the email address as a gateway.

So my message in this post is to urge you, if you are looking to make your everyday devices smarter, just don’t make them smarter than you ha ha!

Texas teenager creates a $20 water purifier unit to tackle water and waste pollution

While computer and electronics seems to involve a very rapid rate, it seems that the world has Lost sight of our ever-growing problem of world pollution. Particularly in countries like China and India with pollution is a massive problem. Asia seems to have the most to wear factories which we cycle across the continent are recovering electronic waste which has even found its way into water supplies in local regions.

New filtering device which has been invented by a teenager in the USA could be a solution to provide cheap and easy method to purify water. The water filter which is renewable using the heavy metal, designed by Perry Alagappan, removed around about 99% of heavy metals from the water when the water is passed through the device.

The filter which happens to be built from graphene nano tubes can be rinsed clean using a vinegar concentrate and then reused. This makes for a very eco-friendly filtering system. It is sheep which makes it accessible and could be a solution to a massive world problem.

Perry became interested in water purification when he visited his family in India, and saw first hand how electronic waste has severely contaminated the environment. After creating the device Perry was awarded the Stockholm Junior water prize at World Water Week.

Perry is looking to have the technology open source for anyone to work on and be used anywhere and he wants it to be open source because he wants it to help people rather than become locked up and only accessible to a certain amount of people. This is a very respectable trait as demonstrated by the teenager.

This technology can be used in the poorest homes where the device can be fixed onto a tap which has running water supply and can be easily installed into wells and other water sources in villages around the world.

Very very forward thinking and bright person, Perry is someone that we need more of in this world.

FAA Has Delayed Amazon Drones

Long have Giants Amazon.com promised delivery of their drones. These drones are going to be the delivery means to replace the likes of UPS and FedEx. Recently the Federal aviation administration gave Amazon permission to start the test flying delivery drones in the open road. Amazon in retaliation argued that they were not moving as quick as they had hoped they would.

Well the Federation aviation Administration were spending time considering the application for a Amazon to test the drones Amazon continued to develop the technology and continue to test themselves privately.

A year and a half was the total time that the F a A took in total to give authorisation to Amazon to fly one very specific model of drone that Amazon had submitted to them. This was not permitted to fly outside of USA.

The Federal aviation administration once all of the drones that are out there to have dedicated human pilots that stay within the line of sight of the person at all times. They also says that must allow you a S applications to take advantage of call capability of the technology.

Amazon seems to think it’ll fall far behind the rest of the world if the F a A continues to work with its current rules and timetables. Amazon is obviously in a hurry to get the drones out to be the leader before anyone else claims that top spot. To be fair to Amazon they have worked hard and they have what it takes to get there.

We will watch closely and see where this lands. Ha ha no pun intended.

Amazon are pioneers in what they do and they have proved this over and over again most notably with the Kindle this has been one of the most popular hand held devices over the recent years besides the tablet. We will see what happens in the near future and will keep you updated on future developments.

Google Go To Space

Google, as I’ve said before, many, many times are true pioneers in every sense of the word. Google have acquired many of the largest companies particularly web-based and online companies. From YouTube to Waze, Google know where to put the money so it will achieve maximum growth.


Google’s latest endeavours seems to be transportation. With the automatic self drive Google car, they have pioneered, the driverless car. The driving this car is one giant leap for mankind, I exaggerate a little bit because of the nature of the technology used and the product that we have it is like something from if you Tristan movie.

Google is now looking beyond roads and is looking upwards, in every sense of the word. Google has their eyes set in to space, they have agreed to a half $1 billion cash purchase of the company.

Skybox_Imaging_Google_Acquisition_WideThe company in question is called skybox imaging this is a technology which is consisting of the worlds smallest high resolution imaging satellite which clicks beautiful images which are useful as well as video every single day. Skybox imaging Who are already signed up with the virgin Galactic scheme says it started with the goal of tracking changes that happened across the surface of the earth in light of recent rumours from the information which suggest tech giants like Google and Facebook are in the space race as they try to connect the Internet and the various services to space and beyond.

Skybox imaging has amazing tech which google instantly can get their hands on. Google already have and make good use of Google Earth which they have far exceeded expectations. I can’t think of life without Google has come out when I want to check anything in the geographic location the first place I always check is Google Earth to have a look at the road layouts building layout and any other anchor points I might use.

With this new technology that Google have acquired I, for one, am very interested to see what Google do with this and let’s see who wins the race for the first in space.

The Perfect Gardens

Everyone values their garden. If they dont they certainly should.

Your garden is your little piece of paradise (depending on where you are of course). It can be a place where you chill out and relax, where you can work out to keep fit or just a nice place where you can invite friends round and have a nice barbecue.

Many of us in UK do not think or treat the garden as such. Many gardens I have come across have been neglected, either by piling rubbish or just not maintained. Simple things like buying a lawn mower to mow the lawn every so often will help keep your garden in a presentable state.

I often look after my garden and I take pride in doing so. My garden has a patch of lawn and a patio. It is on the patio where I have my cross trainer otherwise known as an elliptical machine as well as my hot tub.

Green Lawn in Landscaped Formal Garden

I often work out at home on the cross trainer and then relax in the hot tub (bought from the recommendations on this site http://thebesthottubs.com/) after. It is the best feeling ever and beats going to the gym and having to smell the sweat of 50 people! Ugh! If its raining outside then I can always work out inside using my bike and turbo trainer or bike trainer.

I also have a selection of flowers in my garden as well as a green house. The green house is where I grow my vegetables and eat fresh produce because, lets face it; you never know what pesticides are on the vegetables that you buy in the supermarket. Even if you buy organic. They can never be as organic as the ones that you grow yourself.


Robots Replace Factory Workers

Ever since watching the Terminator, I knew that in the not too distant future, machines would inevitably be very much like humans.

I had no idea they would be this soon that humans would be replaced by machines.

Well that fear is often disregarded, it is still A fear that is very possible in the near future.

In the central Guangdong province of China, A technology company is set up in such a way that the factory runs almost independently by robots which have replaced humans. Human workers of the factory have recently lost their jobs to machines.

The factory which produces various different parts for use in mobile phones until now had humans on the assembly line. The assembly line now consists of robotic arms and levers to mimic the actions that the human workers once did. The factory also has machine equipment which automates and autonomous tracks for transportation and other equipment in the warehouse which is automated.

Previously there were 650 employees at the factory. Now there remains only three. The three workers who work there currently are responsible for the robots and the production line.

They monitor each production line to make sure everything is running successfully.

The rebels actually produced almost 3 times as many pieces as their human counterpart did previous to them. The production per person has increased from 8000 pieces to 21,000 pieces and that is actually a massive 162.5% increase. The increased production didn’t cost the company Quality in the goods that were produced in fact the quality has improved since the humans were replaced by the machines. Before the robots came into play, where humans were solely responsible the defect product rate was 25%, It is now below 5%.

For the owners and shareholders it is a no-brainer that the robots are much more efficient than humans. I do however, feel for those who have lost their jobs.

This goes to show that humans, in the future, depending on the skill set can be replaceable. Apologies for the depressing story.